ECR1000 Electronic Cash Register

Project Description

This electronic cash register is designed to help your business function smoothly by providing efficient register operations and accurate management reports. Start-up is quick and easy, yet there are many options that can be added and revised .

ECR1000 Features

  • Service Mode Programming
  • To create or edit commodity data can be through PC software and ECR keyboard
  • To modify system configurations through PC software makes operation more convenient and clear
  • Powerful sale functions with multi selling ways and supports change price, holding bill, refund etc
  • Support restaurant functions: Dishes with tastes option, meal set selling functions are available
  • Powerful report functions support users to create reports at any time period and in many useful forms such as PTD report, stock report, shortage report, configuration report etc
  • Member management makes marketing easier
  • Multi-tax option provides local tax solution

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